Multi-layer drying & LED growing solutions helping crop farmers achieving higher yield

Who we help

Vegetable growers

Our climate solutions allows you to create and maintain an optimal, uniform growth environment throughout the machine, ensuring your crops reach their full potential.

Hard and soft fruit growers

Increase your yield and energy efficiency by taking advantage of the largest growth area per square meter in the market in our compact multi-layer system.

Plant nurseries

Provide delicate young plants with the ideal tools to thrive. Our closed environments contain the best light spectrum, climate and day/night-rhythm for the best start possible.

Tissue Culture labs

Quick growth of tissues and cells in an artificial medium to regenerate young plants while minimizing the potential for cross-contamination of specimens.

Medicinal plant growers

Save on your operational costs with technology that helps you maximise the yield of your farm, without impacting the quality of your crops.

Post-harvest dehydrators

Through our patented laminar airflow technique, optimal temperature, humidity and air velocity conditions are utilized to achieve a higher production while accelerating the dry process.

Why CultiPro?


At CultiPro, we create the ideal conditions for cultivation and dehydration, based on our scientific research. With over 20 years experience in climate management solutions, all of our equipment is designed to provide your crop with the best possible start or drying process treatment.

Laminar airflow

Our unique laminar airflow technique ensures that the optimal temperature and humidity is homogeneously supplied to the crop, resulting in outstanding, uniform quality. When used for dehydration treatment, precise control ensures an uniform and shorter drying process without compromising quality.

Energy efficiency

Our compact multi-layer system creates one of the most efficient equipment in the industry. The combination of our forced laminar airflow technique with the a high contact surface per square meter, we maintain optimal cooling and heating with an extremely low ΔT.

Higher yields

Our growing solutions provide plant and crops with the best light spectrum, climate, and day/night-rhythm while being in a completely closed environment that is independent of any external conditions. You’re in control to produce year-round.

24/7 Support

With our extensive knowledge in climate management solutions, our team is on hand to help you maximise your results. Together with our partners, we’re available to support you 24/7, in multiple languages.

Any questions?

Our team is happy to help

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