CultiPro Cooling and Heating

Equipment that perfectly fits your cultivation facility

Cooling and heating are two of the most crucial aspects of the proper operation of our Growing and Drying equipment. Each cultivation facility is unique, and identifying which heating and cooling equipment would be best for it is often a complex process. To determine this, you usually need to deal with many different specialists and suppliers, and assess a whole range of environmental factors and equipment requirements.

CultiPro has considerable knowledge and experience in developing and delivering optimal cooling and heating systems. As a true specialist in this field, we have developed a unique assessment programme and modular equipment system that enables us to design and build the ideal cooling and heating system for any cultivation facility. You are guaranteed smooth operation at a minimum investment, and with the lowest running costs possible.

The most crucial step in identifying the best cooling and heating system for your cultivation facility is to first determine exactly how much heating and cooling capacity you actually needs for produce the best crops. Install too much, and you waste a proportion of your investment as the extra capacity goes unused. Install too little, and you will need to upgrade later, which demands further investment and causes production delays.

Key Features

  • Easily adjusted to any size of cultivation facility
  • Reliable, proven, technology
  • Complete control
  • Modular system that is easy to scale
  • Applicable in any climate

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