CultiPro GrowRooms create an
optimal growth environment

CultiPro GrowRoom

The CultiPro GrowRoom is divided by micro climates and utilizes laminar airflow technology. This unique airflow system creates ideal environmental conditions, keeping every single plant in the GrowRoom at the optimal climate for outstanding development.



All sizes of the CultiPro GrowRoom offer a completely closed and controlled grow system which is independent of the outside conditions. By adding the CultiPro LED Trolleys, an optimal environment consisting of the best light spectrum, climate and day/night-rhythm for the plant is created.

The CultiPro GrowRoom enables optimal conditions for plants year-round while focusing on protection from plant diseases outside. Using a compact multi-layer system, CultiPro offers you a growth system with the largest growth areas per square meter. Engineered with energy cost in mind, optimal heat transfer is created by forcing the air to 3,9m² cooling surface per LED trolley. This enables minimal energy consumption, higher uniformity and ads value to your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Uniform and better plant quality
  • Higher production due to accelerated cultivation process
  • Protection from external weather conditions
  • Ability to produce year-round
  • Total O2, CO2 Control
  • Protection from plant diseases
  • No light pollution outside the facility

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