CultiPro Management System

Make informed, fact-based decisions based on valuable input

The CultiPro Management System is developed as a control system that monitors and displays all the crucial performance parameters of your CultiPro equipment in your cultivation facility, and gives you complete control over every aspect of your daily operations. It also helps you in analysing and improving the performance of your equipment and – what’s more – lets you do all this from any location in the world.

Besides GrowRooms, with our LED trolleys, and DryRooms, the additional cooling equipment works in close harmony with each other to create the perfect environmental conditions necessary to deliver optimal quantity and quality in terms of plant growth and production.

The CultiPro Management System provides valuable input for analyzing your equipment and with this information your team can run analyses to identify the most energy-efficient configurations for cooling and heating. This makes constructive research possible due to the reports and graphs of all historical setpoints and actual values of all system parameters.

Key Features

  • Controls and monitors equipment performance
  • Real live input for your R&D
  • User-friendly interface
  • Valuable analytical tool
  • Easy remote control

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