CultiPro DryRooms for a
uniform and precise drying process

CultiPro DryRoom

The CultiPro DryRoom is divided by micro climates and utilizes laminar airflow technology. Our unique airflow system creates ideal drying conditions for various types of crops that are placed inside the CultiPro Drying Baskets.

Placing these, for laminar airflow designed, baskets in the section divided machine, and using an completely closed and controlled drying system, the air is homogeneously spread throughout the machine by pressing it trough perforated radiators. As uniformity is key during the drying process, the temperature is per section controlled by the system itself.

The CultiPro DryRoom is not just drying your crop, it even accelerates the drying process to ensures a higher production and better production quality.

Key Features

  • Uniform dry quality
  • Superior production quality
  • Total O2, CO2 Control
  • Higher production to to accelerated dry process
  • Exceptional humidity uniformity
  • Perfect temperature control

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