Customer Portal

Based on years of experience selling projects word-wide, we provide a solid, easy-to-use online customer portal, that offers customers round-the-clock access to useful information about their projects, including progress updates and support with maintenance and spare parts.

Our online customer portal is open around the clock to buyers of any of  the products and services that HatchTech Group sells worldwide. The service aims to make your experience and communications with us as straightforward as possible, offering a one-stop shop where you can follow the progress of your project, ask questions and obtain vital information.

The customer portal is user-friendly and fully optimised for smartphone, tablet and PC – ask your service department for your log-in details and start receiving outstanding customer support today!

Other services

Spare Parts

CultiPro customers worldwide are able to order spare parts for grow rooms, dry rooms, LED trolleys and other equipment quickly and easily via our easy-to-use online customer portal.


CultiPro offers customers a full package of maintenance options, ranging from routine machine maintenance to bespoke repairs and calibrations, and product upgrades

Customer Care

Our expert Customer Care department is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your staff with day-to-day operational management issues, both technical and organic.

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