CultiPro Drying Baskets

CultiPro Drying Baskets are pieces of equipment that have to perform well in cultivation facility in a variety of ways. Ideally, they need to be easy to handle, should enable the very best airflow through the basket, and also help to ensure the perfect homogeneously drying of your crop. The CultiPro Drying Baskets are designed to deliver top performance in all these areas.


Designed for crop drying without compromising on quality.

The CultiPro Drying Baskets are specially designed to uniformly provide optimum airflow to every single crop piece in the basket. The entire surface of the basket, including the bottom, is perforated in a pattern that matches up with the CultiPro patented radiators, which maximises laminar airflow. Because the perforations extend all the way from top to bottom, the air reaches all areas of your yield.

The baskets’ dimensions are easy to handle and the weight will always remain manageable. This makes them much more suitable for easy and efficient manual- or semi-automated handling, with less risk to personnel of strain or injury. The drying baskets do not require additional paper inserts, saving on labor, costs, and paper waste.

Key Features

  • Designed for uniform crop quality
  • Easy and efficient handling
  • Perfect protection of crops
  • Works seamlessly with automation

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