LED Trolleys for an optimal light
spectrum and uniform plant quality

CultiPro LED Trolley

The CultiPro LED Trolley is a key part of your plant growth facility. Based on years of experiences, our LED trolleys are designed to support an optimal growth process. Strong, durable and extremely stable, they let you work more efficiently and effectively.



They offer the ability to have the highest growth area per square meter in the market. Available in various amount of layers and fully compatible with our CultiPro GrowRooms, our LED trolleys offers you up till 90% light uniformity.

Engineered using the latest techniques available, the CultiPro LED Trolleys use a unique and ultra thin light plex for optimal light distribution. This ensures homogeneous light distribution and uniform plant quality and growth.

The CultiPro LED Trolley gives you the opportunity to use various light spectrum’s and provides an outcome up to 180 μmol/m²/s using up to 3,25 μmol/watt. Therefore, there is no need to add complicated electricity or connectors to the trolley. Simply plug-and-play with the connector and you are good to go. Since LED trolleys are used frequently, the corner edges of the CultiPro LED Trolleys are connected using special bolting technology, which makes them remarkably strong and stable.

Key Features

  • Largest growth area per square meter in the market
  • Optimal energy transition to light
  • Optimal light distribution
  • Easily adjustable light intensity (μmol)
  • Easy to manage on individual trolley level

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