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What we do

Achieving long-term food sustainability will involve finding resource- and energy-efficient ways of drying and cultivating crops for human consumption – CultiPro is an important step towards this goal.

Working with partners such as ViVi – Green Innovators, we are reinventing traditional drying and growing processes. CultiPro‘s automated solutions allows producers and dehydrators reliably, high-quality production of plants, independent of any climate. As well as taking up less space, our technology significantly reduces consumption of energy, water, fertilisers and labour in drying and growing crops.


Key Differentiators


Our work is guided by the deep climate management solutions knowledge and experience of our researchers and product engineers. Their scientific capabilities provide a platform for us to innovate and pioneer new inventions.


By utilizing our cultivating equipment, you will benefit from unsurpassed knowledge of energy and space efficiency. Our products allows you to reach the full potential of your business and leverage a competitive advantage by minimising space, while maximising yield.


We invest exceptional skill and care in developing our solutions. However, our commitment doesn’t end there: our comprehensive portfolio of after-sales services will help you to get the most out of your investment.

Redefining crop cultivation for
human consumption

With the CultiPro method, a uniform product can be cultivated and dried, independent of the outside climate and using your inhouse expert knowledge. Using our GrowRoom and DryRoom technology, in all our systems a precise climate control is realised. Crops are grown in a multi-layer system under LED lights, allowing the crops to be cultivated with minimal manual involvement. Young plants can be grown within the CultiPro system by using several methods, including tissue culture and plant cutting. If your yields need a drying process treatment after harvest, our multi-layer equipment ensures uniform and precise drying for any additive.

Better together

ViVi Green Innovators

Our collaboration with ViVi enables us to offer a revolutionary end-to-end method to grow all kind of plants. Reliable, local and in a sustainable way by reducing the risks associated with growing plants in a conventional greenhouse. With the ViVi growing method, the future is here. A fully controlled, fully automated system in which all focus can go out to selecting the best starting material and growing protocol.

The ViVi growing method has captured most of its technology in the innovative semi-closed packaging in which the plants are grown: one tray sized. After the seeding and filling process, a special foil is used to seal the tray. The foil ensures a clean production method since water evaporation and gas exchange are regulated. By setting these trays on the CultiPro LED trolley inside the grow room, we’ve created the greenhouses of the future: multi-layer, compact, fully controlled and extremely efficient.


HatchTech Group - where smart innovation is the core business.

CultiPro is part of the HatchTech Group, an innovation-focused company using research and the latest technologies to develop early-stage solutions for the food industry and other markets worldwide. By revolutionising chick hatching and transportation, and pioneering new innovations such as in-egg gender identification and vertical farming, we help customers in over 40 countries to maximise performance while driving sustainability and animal welfare.


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